Car Breaking

Cars are an important part of most people's lives. The benefits they carry are unquestioned, as hardly any investment in life is as practical and welcome as a car. But maintaining a car is not the only thing we should worry about when possessing a vehicle - what happens to it after it's seen to the end of its lifetime is equally important. After all, not only are there regulations in place that demand that a car be properly scrapped, but by doing so the right way you can help save the environment.

That's why at Simvic, we offer safe, legal, and cheap car breaking services. As a professional establishment with years of experience, we are car breakers who are bound to meet each of your requirements. We can provide you with any part you need from any old car we have disposed of before, or safely scrap your car in exchange for cash that you'll receive right away. Based in Surrey, our Breaker Yard is open to people all around the country. You will find no cheaper way of obtaining authentic, fully operational car parts.