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How much money can I make when recycling scrap metal?

Any metal objects that are no longer used for their intended purpose are considered to be scrap metal. It can be home appliances which cannot be repaired, water pipes, used auto parts, steel beams from structures and many other recyclable materials left over from manufacturing and consumption. If you decide to recycle your scrap metal, you will not only help the environment but also can get good money.

How much is scrap metal selling for?

If you decide to recycle your scrap metal in the UK, you should find a reliable recycling service which will offer the most competitive prices which are set according to worldwide markets. Scrap metal prices changes on a nearly daily basis. What is more, they even may vary in different parts of the country. Another important question which affects the price offered by recycling companies and scrap yards is the type, quality and purity of the material which you are going to sell. For example, prices for scrap aluminium and copper has been constantly increasing so far.

How much is scrap metal worth in the UK?

The scrap metal industry is now one of the most flourishing industries in the United Kingdom. The most popular metals that are usually sold are ferrous and non-ferrous metals and materials which include iron, steel, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, zinc, lead and some other.

Each scrap metal has different classifications that make it a higher or lower grade. This fact influences the price greatly. But in general, you can use the information below if you need an average price guide to be more knowledgeable in the scrap metal prices in the UK market.

Average scrap metal prices estimates per tonne

Metal and the type of   items Price per tonne
Tinned Copper £3800
Greasy Bright Wire £4000
 New Cu Tube £3800
Clean Flat Electro Cu £3800
Dry Bright Cu Wire £4200
Crown Wheels £2400
Clean HE9 £800
Painted HE9 £750
Ali Wheels £850
Litho Sheet £900
Pure Ali Quadrant £1000
Household Cabel £1200
Low-Grade Cabel £700
8/8 Stainless Solids £600
Zinc £650
Electric Motors £300
Lead £1200
Lead/Acid Batteries £400

 How much is a car worth in scrap?

All the car owners know that car scraping can be a really problematic process. Nevertheless, it is the most effective legal way to dispose of your faulty vehicle.  But if you can find a reliable recycling company or scrap yard then you will get rid of your unwanted car easily at the same time earn money.

The price that you will get when scraping your car depends on a huge number of factors. First of all, it is the current market value of the scape metal which the car is made of. Do not forget that your car is not only made of steel but also include copper, aluminium and iron. Another factor is the condition of your car – the better condition is, the more money you’ll be able to get for it. If your car can be broken up for parts, then you can expect a higher price for it. It is better if you obtain quotes from various companies and compare their offers. In this case, you will know more objectively how much your vehicle could be worth.

So, if you decide to recycle the metal, it is like turning junk into gold. You can sell almost anything containing the metal and get extra money for your budget.

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We had some old factory machines that needed disassembly and, sure enough, Simvic helped us get rid of them completely. Amazing work!


If you're looking for a reliable scrap metal collector, you'll find no one better than Simvic. Their service is incredibly fast and reliable.

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