Metal Collection

SimVic is a company that will take care of any and all scrap metal that you possess and want to get rid of. Rain or shine, we'll take care of your dirty work for you! You'll be surprised at how quick and easy this process is, actually. Even more problematic waste can be disposed of in a safe and easy manner with SimVic. Here are the steps of the process - follow them, and we'll get rid of your scrap in no time at all!
  1. Organise all your scrap metal into a comprehensive batch - the more orderly, the faster it'll go!
  2. After you've gathered all your metal up neatly, it's time to call your scrap removers - that's us, SimVic!
  3. Prepare an ID card so that we can confirm your identity on-site.
  4. With our modern scales, we will provide a precise reading on the weight of your metal.
  5. After weighing the metal, we begin the collection. With cranes and other necessary devices, depending on your metal pile's size, we can then put all the trash on our vehicle.
  6. Now that the metal is all loaded, it's payment time - the pay depends on the weight of the load.
  7. We take away the trash and have it recycled, and you never have to think of it again!
Simvic employees
Employee with a car
Employee at car parking by scrapyard