Price List

Whatever metal you may need to dispose of, whether it's just old and gathering dust in your flat or you're just trying to get rid of something you don't need, we can help safely dispose of it for you. We take in a number of different metals, helping you not only dispose of the scrap in a way that won't cause you any legal trouble but best of all, by recycling your scrap metal, you can help preserve the environment for future generations. For any metal you bring to us, we will weigh it and determine the money you will receive for it. The price depends on the specific type of metal and you can check the table below to estimate how much money you will get.

Material Price / Tone
Copper (Cu) - Tinned Copper £3800
Copper (Cu) - Greasy Bright Wire £4000
Copper (Cu) - New Cu Tube £3800
Copper (Cu) - Clean Flat Electro Cu £3800
Copper (Cu) - Dry Bright Cu Wire £4200
Copper (Cu) - 98% heavy £3500
Copper (Cu) - No 2 Burnt Wire £3500
Copper (Cu) - Copper Cylinders £3400
Copper (Cu) - Copper Braziery £2800
Copper (Cu) - Clean Pyro £1500
Copper (Cu) - PVC Pyro £1200
Copper (Cu) - Copper Elements £1000
Brass - Mixed Brass £2400
Brass - Gun Metal Solids £2800
Brass - Gun Metal Borings £2600
Household Cabel £1200
Low Grade Cabel £700
Material Price / Tone
Singles £1800
Aluminium (Al) - Crown Wheels £2400
Aluminium (Al) - Clean HE9 £800
Aluminium (Al) - Painted HE9 £750
Aluminium (Al) - Ali Wheels £850
Aluminium (Al) - Litho Sheet £900
Aluminium (Al) - Pure Ali Quadrant £1000
Aluminium (Al) - Pure Ali Wire £800
Aluminium (Al) - Ali Cutts £650
Aluminium (Al) - Old Rolled Ali £600
Aluminium (Al) - Irony Ali £200
Aluminium (Al) / Copper (Cu) - Ali/Cu Rads £1500
Stainless steel - 18/8 Stainless Solids £600
Zinc (Zn) - Zinc £650
Electric Motors £300
Lead (Pb) - Lead £1200
Lead (Pb) - Lead/Acid Batteries £400

For prices on collection please call us on 01932570757 or send us email
All Prices are subject to change based on the London Metal Exchange (LME).