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Scrap Aluminium Price Per KG - Get Best & Accurate Prices

What is Scrap Aluminium?

When it comes to aluminium, it is the best metal for recycling purposes after steel. Furthermore, you can extract it from the scrap products used in household items, general items, and much more. SIMVIC is one of the best scrap metal recycling companies in the UK. We provide an up to date scrap aluminium price per kg. In addition to this, your business benefits from earning high prices on all aluminium grades.

Finding Scrap Aluminium 

Procurement of scrap aluminium can be quickly done from the following sources.

  • Look for scrap aluminium in air conditioning units at homes, offices, or commercial sector buildings.
  • Some traces of copper with aluminium in the radiators can also be found.
  • Look for aluminium in old alloy wheels of vehicles, cars, etc.
  • Look for scrap aluminium in ladders, pans, signs, carpet grips, window frames, etc.
  • Pick scrap aluminium in outdoor furniture and clean motor parts.
  • Car engines with aluminium block along with gearbox, motor parts. 
  • Look for scrap aluminium in vehicle radiators made using aluminium.
  • Grab pure aluminium from sheet aluminium, production cuttings, etc
  • Look for sheet aluminium with HE9 grade. Meanwhile, you get the same from production cuttings too.
  • Look for scrap aluminium in soft drink cans, one of the most common things to procure aluminium. Meanwhile, they are entirely made from aluminium without the use of steel.

Scrap Aluminium –  Know the types 

SIMVIC provides you with the best information on types of scrap aluminium. In addition, know the types classified in grades.

  • Look for cast aluminium in moulds to make light poles, and other applications.
  • Look for aluminium cans as one of the most common items. Furthermore, SIMVIC buys such scrap aluminium as it is readily available. Do ask us for better pricing on aluminium cans.
  • Look for aluminium wires in cabling other than copper wires. However, such wires are not magnetic.
  • Look for aluminium rims in manufacturing of automobile wheels, trucks, etc. However, in order to extract scrap aluminium make sure to separate rubber tyres from the wheels.
  • Look for sheet aluminium in outdoor furniture, window frames, pots, pans, etc.
  • Look for dirty aluminium category. It is the metal attached to steel, plastic parts or rubber. However, this kind of aluminium is not pure. Furthermore, the pricing is uncertain.  
  • Look for aluminium siding that is mainly used for siding or gutters. You can find it easily as the scrap yards have plenty of them.

Request free valuation of scrap aluminium 

Get in touch with SIMVIC one of the best metal recycling companies in the UK. You will get insights about scrap aluminium recycling and scrap aluminium price per KG. Furthermore, one can use the free valuation tool given in the website to learn more about scrap aluminium. 

Just add a few details about the quantity, and the metal. Send it to us, and our team will get back to you with the correct information and pricing. Give your business the benefit of earning profits with SIMVIC.

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