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Scrap Cables Price per kg

Why do you need to scrap cables?

You already know that we want to focus more on saving the environment. Secondly, most businesses like to embrace the green revolution. For this purpose, scrapping the cables or recycling them is worth it. In addition to this, businesses also earn a lot of money from scrap cables.

So, are you ready? Yes, you should. SIMVIC keeps you up to date with the UK’s latest scrap cable per KG prices. Furthermore, we are prepared to pay the best prices. However, such prices for scrap cables per KG depend on the cable grades. Here we take a look at where and of which grades the scrap cables can be procured.

Where do you find scrap cables?

If you are keen to know where to procure the scrap cables, take a look at the below mentioned sources.

  • Scrap cables can be procured from emergency lighting power supplies or alarm systems. Such types of cables are called as clean pyro.
  • You can also get the scrap cables from PVC pyro. It is the same as the clean pyro, but the difference is that the PVC pyro is insulated.
  • You can also procure scrap cables from household appliances that use PVC wires and household cables without plugs.
  • Earth cables used in homes and offices, high voltage cables in the commercial sector, industries, PVC single cables.
  • Find scrap cables used in lowgrade armoured cables, 3 phase cables used in transformers, etc.
  • No 1 armoured cables which are used for underground as well as overhead cabling. These cables have 3-4 core layers of 20mm each.
  • Cables used in electric motors, and motors used in machines and appliances.
  • High voltage cables are used in lead armouring. Such cables can be priced after valuation.

It is Time to Recycle and Reuse Cables

When the time comes for your cables getting older, you should think of recycling them. You may have a different set of cables; however, the cables you are not using should be given a chance of reusing. Maybe, you can also get a bunch of scrap cables lying unused at your place, with your friends or family. Meanwhile, one can also donate the old unused cables, and it is worth recycling them. Businesses can earn money by giving us scrap cables, and our team at SIMVIC will help price them accordingly.

SIMVIC helps you to recycle old cables instead of throwing them anywhere. We don’t want to pollute our mother Earth with electronic waste. Furthermore, such waste can pose harmful effects in the long run, which we don’t want to happen at any cost.

Request Free Valuation of Scrap Cables

Get in touch with SIMVIC to know more about scrap cable recycling and scrap cable price per KG. Furthermore, one can use the free valuation tool to learn more about scrap cables. Just add the information, and send it to us. Your business will get the benefit of earning additional profits.

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