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Scrap Copper Price Per KG – Get Best & Accurate Prices

What is Scrap Copper?

Scrap Copper Price per KG – The copper which you are using today was once recycled for a purpose. In fact, all the copper material follow recycling. Such recycling includes copper wires, cables or metal. Being one of the most valuable recyclable waste, several businesses in the UK have started earning profits. SIMVIC, one of the best scrap metal recycling companies, uses such copper waste. Therefore, we ensure the best quality for scrap copper.

Where do You Find Different Types of Scrap Copper?

Here we take a look at the different types of scrap copper. It can be in the form of cables, wires or metal.

  • Dry Bright Wire: You get scrap copper from PVC wires and cables used for connections.

  • Clean Electro Copper: Transformer ends, copper used in mains power cabinets, etc

  • Hard Drawn Copper Wires used in overhead power cables

  • Greasy Bright Wire copper in underground cables, which are usually lead armoured.

  • Copper in a new copper tubes without paint, soldering or fittings.

  • Heavy copper material used for piping, painted but doesn’t have fitting or joints

  • No 2 copper used in piping with fittings or joints, found in central heating systems.

  • Copper in central heating systems tanks and cylinders.

  • Braziery copper fittings in soldered copper joints or fittings.

  • Lead dipped braziery copper in underground cables, which are lead armoured.

  • Copper in electric motors, machines and appliances.

  • Copper in starter motors and alternators as a part of end of life vehicles.

In addition to the above mentioned types of scrap copper, you can also get scrap copper cable from the following:

  • Copper used in household cable

  • Armoured cable used for underground connections

  • Copper cables used for vulcanised rubber

  • Copper in cables for mineral insulated copper clad

  • Single-core copper cables

Different Grades of Copper – The Scrap Copper Pricing Factor

Here the topic is all about scrap copper price per kg, and the main deciding factor is the grades. However, different grades of copper attract different prices. Meanwhile, we at SIMVIC make sure to fetch the best grades of copper.

  • Bare bright copper: One of the best quality and most valuable copper one can get. In addition to this, it is free from impurities, doesn’t have any coating work done, and is free from insulation or paint. Furthermore, bare bright copper can be recycled and reused easily.

  • No 1 copper: Such copper is similar to bare bright copper with one difference. In addition to this, you can find traces of oxidation, from bus bars to copper tubes which are not used in fittings. Meanwhile, insulation or soldering fall into this copper category.

  • No 2 copper: Scrap copper used for soldering purposes, paint or coating falls under No 2 category. Meanwhile, you can differentiate No 2 from No 1 as the former appears dirty.

 In addition, you can find other grades including copper used in insulated wires.

Get in touch with SIMVIC to know more about scrap copper recycling, and scrap copper price per KG. Your business will get the benefit of earning additional profits. Furthermore, one can use the free valuation tool of scrap copper. Just add the information, and send it to us.