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Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap Metal Price List

£  Per kg

Bright wire £6.00 – £6.50

Copper tube clean £5.50 – £6.00

Copper tube 98%- £5.00- £5.50

Mix copper £3.50- £4.00

Copper Cylinder £3.50- £5.00

Lead  £1.10 – £ 1.25

Cables  £1.40-£1.80

Armed £0.80- £1.00

Single £2.00 -£3.00

Brass £3.00 – £3.30

Aluminum £0.40 – £0.80

What is scrap metal

Scrap metal is an unnecessary metal that is formed as a result of the collection and piling up of metal products that have already deteriorated, with the depreciation of metal products. Basically scrap is divided depending on the type of metal. In addition, scrap is classified by name, chemical composition (brand and group of alloys), physical properties (classes), and quality indicators (grades). Scrap metal prices are subject to change on a daily basis.

How much is scrap copper per pound?

Scrap copper is the most popular on the market and one of the most demanded scrap metal. In the United Kingdom Britain scrap copper prices per pound are regularly changing from company to company and are determined by supply and demand. If you carefully select a dealer, you can even receive almost twice as much. In addition, you can significantly increase the price of copper, if you clear it of unnecessary debris or other metals. Think that you are lucky if you have some pure copper because this is the most valuable type of copper you can have. The purest forms are the most valuable type, which you can find in wiring, wires, plates or sheeting.

Average scrap copper prices per pound

  • Tinned Copper £3800
  • Greasy Bright Wire £4000
  • New Cu Tube £3800
  • Clean Flat Electro Cu £3800
  • Dry Bright Cu Wire £4200
  • 98% heavy £3500
  • No 2 Burnt Wire £3500
  • Copper Cylinders £3400
  • Copper Braziery £2800
  • Clean Pyro £1500
  • PVC Pyro £1200
  • Copper Elements £1000

What is the price of scrap steel per ton?

Steel scrap is the most common type of scrap, as probably steel is the most widely used metals all over the world. This metal is a popular and versatile metal present in many items that we use. Scrap steel prices are actually relatively stable across the entirety of the UK. Scrap steel always has a good price. But it can be hard to pinpoint a typical scrap metal price as there are many different varieties of steel.

Average steel scrap prices per ton

  • 316 Stainless Steel £750
  • Stainless steel -18/8 £600
  • Stainless Turnings £550

What items can be recycled for money?

Almost everyone has items in his household which can be recycled because almost everything that surrounds us can be recycled. These are such simple things as:

  • AluminiumCans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Printer cartridges
  • PCs and laptops
  • Cell phones
  • iPods or MP3 players
  • Car batteries
  • Digital cameras
  • Game consoles
  • Calculators
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Books
  • Copper
  • Brass, etc

In other words, cast-iron baths, batteries, spare parts, old equipment – everything has its price. But the price of various items can be radically different, plastic is cheap, and copper is expensive scrap metal. Everything depends not only on the material of the things that you have, but also on the needs of the region where you live. Therefore, you need to clarify the prices of recycling companies in your city. However, the metal recycling industry is a significant net contributor to the UK balance of trade and contributes more than any other sector to UK «end of life» targets. More about money making & tips 

If you decide to sell scrap metal, first of all, you should find out the actual scrap metal price, and choose the appropriate company that you decide to sell it to. After all, the sale of old, broken or simply unreliable metal structures should provide only benefits, and not cause a headache. By selling scrap metal, you can make an awful lot of money for it. Besides, it does really help to keep Earth a clean place.

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We're very satisfied with the level of professionalism exhibited by Simvic. We had a lot of scrap metal left over from our office renovation, and with Simvic we got rid og it in no time at all. Excellent work.

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We weren't expecting Simvic's scrap removal service to be on this high a level, but they got the job done incredible well. No trace of any old metal and industrial parts left - everything is nice and clean, and it's all thanks to Simvic!

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Simvic reacted to our call quickly and arrived at the allotted time. The team was friendly and gathered up all of our scrap metal incredibly quickly. The prices were also very fair. Definitely worth recommending!

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With Simvic's level of expertise, we got a csrap metal removal service that was completely hassle free. They reacted quickly and the formalities were minimal, while the prices were very satisfactory. Definitely recommended for businesses and homes struggling to get rid of scrap metal lying around!


Thanks to Simvic, we finally got rid of that scrap metal left over from the construction, and we got paid a pretty penny for it!


We had some old factory machines that needed disassembly and, sure enough, Simvic helped us get rid of them completely. Amazing work!


If you're looking for a reliable scrap metal collector, you'll find no one better than Simvic. Their service is incredibly fast and reliable.

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We couldn't have asked for a better service. Simvic's efficient scrap metal services helped make our company a much more clean and serene place. Turns out all we needed to really get ahead was a professional like Simvic!