Scrap Yard

No matter what you do, you will one day find yourself with some scrap metal, making you in need of scrap disposal services. Whether it's a bunch of metal items that haven't been used in years, or an old, broken computer that you just never had the opportunity to safely dispose of, scrap metal can become a problem for you. Many people decide to put metal items out for trash collectors, which is not only a waste of recycleable materials, but it's also a loss for you, because you can make real money on scrap metal!

Whether you lack some cash to get away on holiday, buy something new, or just want to clean out your garage, basement, or loft, we have just what you need. At Simvic, we give you access to a scrap yard that will take in all of your scrap metal, not matter where it's from, and we'll even pay you in cash for it. Not only is it a legal way of disposing of old metal that otherwise would just clutter your home, but through recycling, we can help you protect the environment by reselling parts of your old scrap that can still be used.

Employee collecting metal items with forklift
Employee during work at scrapyard
Employee transporting metal items with forklift
A scrap yard's employee unloads recyclabe metallic items