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Steel scrap

Our companies buys all types of metal and scrap. The most common type of scrap is steel scrap. Steel is one of the most widely used metals around. It can be found in the majority of metal products available on the market. Steel scrap can be divided into two basic categories:

  • input-scrap – scrap ready to be used directly in the steelmaking process. This steel has a defined chemical composition, an acceptable degree of contamination, as well as a form that allows for it to be used as input in the steel melting process.
  • non-input scrap – scrap that cannot be directly used in the steelmaking process. Before use, it must undergo manual and mechanical processing, which will give it the required dimensions, mass, form, etc. All metallic and non-metallic contamination is removed in this process.

Regardless of which group your scrap belongs into, you can count on us. We purchase and remove any steel scrap and you can be sure it’ll be recycled in an appropriate manner.


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