What We Buy?

So many elements of our daily lives are made out of various kinds of metal, such as your computer, mobile phone, or any other device you might be using. No matter where you look - be it the construction, transport, energy, packaging, or domestic industry - metals are truly ubiquitous. They form the very foundation of modern civilisation. but with every product manufactured, there comes waste.

Scrap metal is a term we use to define any old or discarded metal or metallic material. Whether it's one of your old phones or used up parts of your broken computer, scrap metal denotes a piece of metal that is considered to have reached the end of its life. These metals can be segregated into two broad categories: ferrous metals (nickel, steel, or iron in general) and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, tin, copper and zinc). whichever category they belong to, we will buy your scrap metal.


Soft, malleable, and ductal, copper is valued for its high thermal and electrical conductivity. Commonly used in wires and cables, and other elements of electrical devices.


Low in density and resistant to corrosion, aluminium is the most commonly used non-ferrous metal, found in vehicles, packaging, a range of household items, construction elements, etc.


A metal alloy achieved by combining copper and zinc, it is often used in decorations to create a bright colouring, similar to that of gold. Due to its low friction, it is commonly found in locks, gears, doorknobs, as well as musical instruments.


Most widely used for its capabilities as an anti-corrosion agent, it is often used in alloys (for example in the production of brass).


A non-ferrous metal, lead is very often used in building construction, lead-acid batteries, bullets, weights, among many other implementations.


Often crafted using different types of metals to ensure the best conductivity, with the addition of coating to prevent shock, wires are a complex piece of waste. Nevertheless, we take care of them no problem!

Electric motors

These electrical machines used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy can be very complex, made from various metal parts. That's no problem for us - we'll get rid of it for you just like the rest.