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Copper wires are widely used in electrical wiring and other machinery equipment. They are also known as Cu cables, and it is the reason for selling copper wires at higher prices. However, copper cable price differs in every city in the United Kingdom.

Here, if you want copper wires at the best prices, you can communicate with simvic as the company offers the best price of copper as compared to the other scrapyard dealers around the city. So, if you have copper wires at your place, you can explore the simvic for the best and most reliable price.

In the further article, we will discuss the price of copper cable around the UK. For this purpose, look at the below table:


Metal Price per KG
Bare bright copper wire £ 4.02 – £ 4.45
Copper one wire £ 3.65 – £ 4.03
Copper two wire £ 3.47 – £ 3.84
Copper tanks wire £ 3.41 – £ 3.77
Braziary copper £ 2.96 – £ 3.26
Insulated wires one £ 1.63 – £ 1.80
Insulated wires two £ 1.23 – £ 1.36

The above is the list of updated copper cable price. It is common, if you find any change in the price because the price may differ according to the price policies of different locations.

Is It Worth Stripping Copper Cable?

Stripping copper cable is worthwhile if you have a wire stripper. But, if you do not have a wire stripper, this process may take too much time and be complicated as you will have to use knives or sharp objects to remove the upper material. If you can strip the copper cables, you can earn a lot and get good payouts. Simvic here also provides the best copper cable price if you successfully strip the copper cables.

In other words, if you have appropriate equipment for stripping the copper cable, you can easily get the wires off. This way, you can prepare to get enough payments by selling the copper wires.


Is it possible to recycle the copper cables?

Yes, of course, it is possible to recycle copper cables. You can get the best prices on copper cables if you sell them in the scrapyard. With recycled copper cable, the manufacturers create many useful things such as machinery, kitchen articles, tools, and many other household stuff.

Why do copper cable prices increases?

If you are dealing with copper wires, you should know about the increase in cable prices everywhere. It is because the economy of china is recovering from the recent pandemic along with aggressive sustainable energy. That’s why there is an increasing price policy of copper around the world.

Summing up:

After going through the above discussion, we have concluded that copper wires are valuable metals. You can sell them at the highest price if you have any at your place.

One more thing to discuss, the price can vary as per the locality price policies. You just need to get a quality copper wire so you can get your required copper price.

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