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Many of the objects we use on a daily basis are made of metal. This includes computers, phones, as well as various other devices. Metals are ubiquitous – they can be found in the industries of construction, transport, energy, and many others. They form the basis of modern civilisation. However, as any other product, where there are metal goods, there is a waste. Discarded metal is referred to as “scrap” – we use the term to denote metal we don’t use anymore, such as old phones, used computer parts, etc. These metals can be split into two categories: ferrous (nickel, steel, iron), and non-ferrous (aluminium, tin, zinc). We buy both of them.
Scrap Copper colletion


Copper is very common chemical element- soft and ductile. It is widely used in electrical equipment such as wiring (for its amazing ability to conduct both heat and electricity) and motors. Also, it is widely used in many appliances, heating and cooling systems used in everyday life, in homes or offices and other places of business or living. We obtain copper from wiring, radiators, connectors, brakes, bearings, components in the motors.

Scrap aluminium


This silver metal is soft and mal t eable. It is not a very strong metal itself, but it makes up for it with being a great electrical conductor, it’s non-toxic and has high thermal conductivity. That is why it’s used in kitchen utensils and also in products such as cans and foils. Aluminium coatings have many uses in products such as telescope mirrors, packages, toys, electrical transmission lines and, mixed with other metals, even as part of aeroplane constructions or other forms of transport. Theoretically, it is 100% recyclable.

Scrap brass


It is not a single element but a mixture of two- copper and zinc. Proportions may vary, depending on what was the purpose of it and it’s used. It may be used as a part of decoration, doorknobs, ammunition casings, zippers, but the most popular use of brass is with musical instruments, because of its acoustic properties. It is also interesting that brass has bactericidal properties, that have been observed for centuries now.

Scrap zinc


Zinc is known for its great anti- corrosial features and often I’d used as galvanization (coating of iron or steel). That is why zinc is used on metal roofs, car bodies, light posts, heat exchangers, guard rails, suspension bridges. It may also be used to make medical tools or fuel for the zinc-air battery. Significant amounts of zinc also occur in food, especially oysters, poultry and fish and also groats.

Purchase of Lead and Tin


Lead is a soft blue-grey metal. Its high density, low melting point and ductility make it a perfect material for plumbing, batteries, weights, solders. But also, just like copper, it is used to make wiring and pipes. It can be used screens protectors against X-rays and gamma rays. Because of its toxicity to mammals, it is essential to store and use it properly.

Scrap data cable collection

Cables & much more

We know, that you do not always know what you have stored and what to do with it. Because we buy so many different metals it is not a problem for us to just collect what you have and then sort it. For a special collection of scrap, we can arrange services from far locations. Same day collection services are available 7 days a week.


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Simvic | Scrap Yard Chertsey - Scrap Metal Collection Surrey & London | We buy Scrap Copper, Cables, Brass, Lead, Scrap Cars
Simvic | Scrap Yard Chertsey - Scrap Metal Collection Surrey & London | We buy Scrap Copper, Cables, Brass, Lead, Scrap Cars
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