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Scrap metal collection Tulse Hill – We at SIMVIC are ready to collect your metals for free. The scrap metal can include copper, aluminium, brass, bronze, zinc, lead, cables, steel, and much more. Meanwhile, the best part is that, we are a scrap metal recycling company that believes in saving the environment.

Is Metal Collection a Complicated Task? Not at all

When you feel that scrap metal collection in Tulse Hill would give you hassles, just forget about it. SIMVIC ensures to take care of scrap metal. Meanwhile, our experts make it sure to clean the area quickly.

Don’t worry about collection fees. SIMVIC will pay you for the scrap metal collection. Furthermore, it depends on the weight of the load which we take along. In addition, you wont end up running into hassles in the future.

Scrap Metal Collection Tulse Hill – Steps We Follow

  1. We recommend that you should organise the scrap metal properly. Meanwhile, different batches of scrap will make us easier to collect and faster will be the work.
  2. Once you have organised the scrap metal as per our recommendation, call us for scrap removal.
  3. Make sure you have an ID card to confirm with us to collect the scrap metal on site.
  4. Our team will arrive at your place with the modern equipment and scale. We measure the reading of the metal load and provide you with accurate details.
  5. Once the metal is weighed correctly, we start the scrap metal collection process. Meanwhile, we may use necessary devices and even cranes depending on the size and quantity of scrap metal.
  6. The scrap metal collection is done and fully loaded into our vehicle. Now it is time to pay as per the weight of the collected scrap metal.
  7. We pay the price accordingly and take the scrap metal for recycling purposes.

SIMVIC provides Affordable & Efficient Services

We know that you require a quick, affordable and efficient service. We provide tailor made collection service to suit your needs. Disposing of the scrap metal has never been efficient and hassle free. Meanwhile, SIMVIC gives you a same day collection service without extra charges.

Are you looking for someone to collect the scrap metal at your place?

Worried too much about the costs you would incur?

Worried too much about the costs you would incur?

Don’t worry! SIMVIC is here for you to offer free scrap metal collection. We work without putting you into formalities, and our team is responsible for scrap metal collection. Furthermore, take a look at the key points to consider about the SIMVIC team.

  • We recycle the collected scrap metal
  • We collect scrap metal for free
  • Give us a call for a FREE quotation
  • SIMVIC has more than nine years of experience in the market

We hope you are convinced by now, are you? Give us a call to discuss the details of the scrap metal collection Tulse Hill.

To arrange collection give us a call: 0776 363 04 04

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