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Steel scrap recycling

Steel is a carbon-and-iron alloy with a maximum 2% carbon content (with a higher carbon content, the material is defined as cast iron). By far the most popular material, it is involved in the manufacturing of everything from needles to oil tankers.

Car Van Hgv, batteries recycling

A rechargeable battery used to power an automobile is known as an automotive battery or car battery. No matter whether they still operate or not, the lead content of old cars, truck, and equipment batteries is worth money. We collect, dismantle and recycle electric vehicle batteries. We pay top prices for car batteries; we accept batteries from any type of vehicle.

Scrap data cables recycling

Basically, a data cable is any form of cable that can transmit binary electrical communication signals. Communication or data wire is an additional type of cable typically acquired by scrap yards. It is used in a number of electronic systems, such as phone and cell phone networks, cable TV, etc. Because data cables contain copper, they are recyclable.

Scrap-armed cable recycling

A conducting electrical cable that has a metal covering (such as wire or tape) is known as an armoured cable. The only difference between armoured and unarmored cable is that armoured cable has an extra layer of protection on the outside of the optical cable.

Scrap Alloys

An alloy is a material created by fusing two or more elements, at least one of which must be metal. After cooling, an alloy transforms into a solid mixture, solution, or intermetallic complex. Stainless steel, brass, bronze, white gold, 14k gold, and sterling silver are a few examples of alloys.

Scrap copper granules

Granulators slice or shred copper cables to remove the protective plastic covering and make granules. Type#1, known as “clove,” has a minimum of 99 per cent copper content and is unalloyed and uncoated. Type #2, known as “cobra,” has a minimum of 97 per cent copper content and 0.5 to 1 per cent metal impurities. We can accept any copper granules and provide you with a fair payment.

Scrap cars

A junk automobile is a car that can no longer be driven or is not worth the money to fix. Although their parts could still be valuable, these cars often have little market value. As a result, scrap automobiles are frequently sold for components or scrap metal. They are perfect for recycling since they contain a range of precious metals.

Scrap Bright Wires

Also known as “bright and shining copper,” it is the most desirable and lucrative grade available. It refers only to bare, uncoated, and unalloyed wire or cable that is no thinner than 16 gauge in diameter and of #1 copper grade

Scrap Buzz Bars

Busbars are manufactured in a number of forms, including flat strips, solid bars, and rods, and are commonly fabricated from copper, brass, or aluminium as solid or hollow tubes. Due to the high ratio of surface area to cross-sectional area, certain of these forms allow heat to escape more effectively.

Scrap iron

Of all the metals, iron is the one that is utilised the most, accounting for 95% of all the metal produced globally. It is essential because of its low price and strong strength combination. Applications for it include anything from food containers to family automobiles, from washing machines to cargo ships.
Waste ferrous metal is referred to as “scrap iron.” It comes from things like torn-down buildings, old cars, and broken appliances.

Scrap Lead and Tin

Lead is a soft metal with a high density and low melting point. It has been in use for over 6000 years and is an integral part of human technological advancement. It is primarily used in lead-acid batteries, which are ideal for all types of vehicles.

Scrap Motors Engines

Automobile engines are constructed around metal cylinders that are enclosed and robust. Iron-based alloys such as structural steels, stainless steels, iron-based sintered metals, and cast iron and aluminium alloy components for the piston, cylinder head, and cylinder block are the most common materials for engine parts. Even though your automobile is old, the engine, the heart of it, still has some worth.

Scrap Radiators

Radiators function to remove engine heat. Radiators made of cast iron and stainless steel, as well as copper tubes and other metals, may be used at a scrap metal yard. In older vehicles, radiators can be made entirely of copper or brass, but often they are a combination of copper tubes and aluminium fins.

Scrap electrical panels

An electrical panel is an enclosure, generally a metal box or a plastic mould, that includes vital electrical components that control and manage a variety of mechanical operations.
Copper and silver are precious metals that may be used to create new items and are typically found in electrical panels and breakers.


When an automobile reaches the end of its useful life or is disposed of, it leaves behind various wastes, including glass, metal, plastic, fabric, and rubber parts. They also include fluids like antifreeze, old oil, lubricant, gasoline, and diesel, and progressively include electronic parts made of precious and heavy metals.

Scrap Copper Cylinders

Copper cylinders are made of copper and wrapped in a foam-insulating covering. They are excellent at keeping heat, making them the ideal choice for warming and storing hot water in most home buildings. Old copper heating cylinders are one sort of scrap copper that we can take.

Scrap Zinc

Zinc is a metal that can be commonly found in the Earth’s crust. It is a base metal most commonly used to galvanise steel, helping protect it against corrosion. It’s a brittle metal with little conductivity, though it becomes very ductile at high temperatures, making it perfect for alloys.

Scrap Wires

Comprising of various materials, cables can be a problematic piece of scrap to dispose of. But at Simvic, we handle all types of scrap. We can take in any cables and pay you just the right price for them – contact us today!

Scrap Aluminium

The most abundant material in Earth’s crust, aluminium is a metal that’s used very commonly all around the world. It is used in car bodies, beer cans, electrical cables, aircrafts, and various other items that are too numerous to list them all.

Scrap Copper Tubes

A non-ferrous metal that’s very commonly used as a conductor for electricity. Because of this, it is highly sought-after. It’s been used for over 10,000 years – longer than any other metal. Its durability and versatility make it a great source of reusable scrap.