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As we know, metal is the most valuable thing we have in our home, backyard, garage, and many other places. Because of having higher profits in recycling scrap metals, various people have established scrap metal industries around the city and are earning a handsome amount. Here, if you also want to get some profit, you need to look around your home to find out the most valuable metals.

Further, if you find any metal such as aluminum, copper, brass, lead, and other expensive metals at the time of cleaning your backyard or home, you need to tap to your nearest scrap dealer. This way, you can also earn a pretty penny.

Top 7 Most Valuable Things To Scrapl

Since metals are so valuable, you must enhance your understanding of the various kinds of scrap that can let your earn handsomely. Thus you can go through the below things:

Copper metal

Copper is known as a valuable metal to scrap, and you can find this metal around your home or backyard. Scrapyards recycle copper into various things such as pipes, sinks, machines, tools, equipment, etc. Because of this reason, copper sells at the highest value.

Aluminum metal

Aluminum is also famous for its higher values. You can find aluminum metal in various items such as cans, kitchen utensils, window frames, and many other household products.

Brass metal

Brass is also a precious metal found lying around houses and backyards. You can also sell brass metal to get good money and brass can be found in old door locks, candle sticks, etc.

Steel metal

As we know, steel is a widely used metal in almost all houses. Make sure to sell steel items without any dents or grease to get the best payouts.


You can find platinum in jewelry, laboratory equipment, cigarette cases, etc. Platinum sells expensively and offers you higher prices than any other metal.

Lead metal

Lead is another metal to sell to earn some money. You can find lead in pipes, potteries, antiques, etc. Thus you can sell out lead metal to get both a clean home and money.

Silver metal

Scrap buyers accept silver happily as it is also an expensive metal. If you have old jewelry and antique items at your home, you can convert them into good money by providing them to scrapyards.


Which metal is more valuable&expensive?

If we talk about the expensive metal, copper has won this category. It contains various grades of copper, and every grade can sell in handsome amounts.

Do you know in which household item I can get aluminum?

You can find many household things made of aluminum, such as utensils, picture frames, tables, chairs, decorative items, and many more household products.

Summing up:

If you find the above metals around your house, you can collect them and connect with your nearest scrap dealer. Here, you can explore Simvic, the highest paying buyer to get handsome payouts for scrap metals. It is the best way to earn some profit out of waste. By adopting this concept, you can meet both of your needs: earn payouts and clean the house.

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