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If you’ve just refurbished your house or run a company that produces products with metal components, there’s a good possibility you have some scrap metal laying around that might be sold for a tidy sum of money.
When people take their junk to the curb, they are essentially throwing money away. Tossing out cash and coins isn’t something most people do on intentionally, but many people unknowingly dispose of significant resources. Every time you throw away valuable scrap metal, you’re passing up an opportunity to increase your income.
It’s possible that you could be throwing away valuable metals without even realizing it. You’ve found the ideal place if you want to know which metals can be recycled for monetary value. Read on to find out why you should never toss away scrap metal again.


Copper is both easy to come by in the home and highly sought after on the scrap metal market. It’s no secret that copper is one of the priciest metals to recycle.
Keep this in mind and work to shield your copper home appliances and recycle any excess copper in your possession. Copper can be retrieved from a wide variety of sources, including old electronics, copper plumbing, and broken electrical wiring. Get paid instantly for your unwanted items by bringing them to a scrap yard.


You probably have a lot more antique items laying around than you think, and many of them include brass that you’ve never even noticed. If you have something that, when polished, appears like gold but you know for sure isn’t made of gold, it’s probably made of brass. Brass can be found in many different types of vintage decor, including candlesticks, plates, trophies, door handles/knockers, and bed frames.


Scrap metal dealers may be able to offer you a better price for your silver than a jewellery store or flea market. Easy money can be made by selling silver scraps, such as jewellery, silverware, medals, and antique vases.
The price of silver at a scrap yard may be higher than the price you could get at a pawn shop or jewellery store. You may quickly and easily turn your silver scrap into cash if you have any silverware, jewelry, medals, or antique vases lying around.


Soda cans are a frequent way to obtain aluminum, and this fact is well-known by most people. These cans are a common source of extra income for those who collect them and sell them to scrap yards. It’s possible that a single, empty drink can isn’t worth much on its own. Still, aluminum has a high scrap metal value because it is easy to collect and scrap large amounts of metal at once. A used aluminum can be found in a wide variety of places, including old computers and game consoles, automobiles, and bicycle frames.

Stainless Steel

Although stainless steel is widely used, the presence of additional metals in the alloy makes it valuable as scrap. Stainless steel often incorporates other metals, such as chromium, iron, and nickel, which are also highly prized. Items made of stainless steel that also contain certain additional materials will increase in value.
Stainless steel is utilized in a wide variety of products, from kitchenware to automobile components to industrial warehousing and factory equipment. Because of its widespread use in these settings, scrap metal buyers frequently encounter stainless steel that has been soiled with oil and grease. Materials in such conditions might sell for less than they would if they had been cleaned first. Scrap stainless steel will get the best price if it is in perfect condition.


Though the recycling of lead scrap can yield substantial profits, securing a reliable supply of non-ferrous metal can be challenging. Pure lead scrap is exceedingly poisonous, so if you trade in it, be sure to take all essential safety measures. Furthermore, the lead’s substantial weight makes it a pain to move about. Despite this, there is usually a significant demand for scrap lead, making it worthwhile to track down and transport.

Throw Away Your Old Junk Today

Choose a scrap metal removal service if you have metal lying around your home or yard that you need to get rid of. Don’t put off making some extra money by keeping unwanted items around the house.

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