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Those who deal in scrap metal will pay you for your unwanted metal items.
You too may make a good living by collecting and reselling scrap metal if you’re resourceful and determined.
The following are the only items necessary for scrap metal collection and sales:
You’ll need

  • a magnet,
  • a storage container,
  • and a fundamental understanding of the scrap metal trade and the worth of various metals.

Making some extra cash by trading in scrap metal is always welcome, but if you’re serious about doing it on a semi-regular basis, you’ll need a plan that goes beyond just gathering the metal trash about your house. This week, we provide some pointers on how to maximise your earnings from selling scrap metal.

Be sure to put precious metals first.

Even though the large number of rusty iron sheets you’ve accumulated may seem promising, in the realm of scrap metal, size isn’t everything, and you’re unlikely to earn more than ten bucks for it. Metals like copper and brass are more expensive but also less common, so any scrap collector worth their salt would know that these are the ones to seek for. Despite the extra effort required to get them, their dollar value might be as much as 50 times that of aluminum, iron, or stainless steel.

Keep up with the current rates for scrap metal.

Prices for scrap metal move up and down with the market just as they do for anything else. If you want to get the best possible bargain when trading in your car, keep an eye on local pricing so you know what to ask for.

Make friends with the tradespeople in your area.

If you want to establish a reliable source of revenue, selling scrap requires expanding your horizons beyond unexpected findings and personal collections. The most efficient strategy is to collaborate with local tradespeople, such as plumbers, electricians, and HVAC professionals, who often remove scrap metal as part of their work. You may also offer your services to remove scrap metal for free from construction sites and medical care service centers including hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices.

Learn how metals are categorised.

The grade of most metals you come across is determined by both the purity of the metal and whether or not the purchaser will need to treat the metal in order to bring it to a state where it can be used. You may be more selective about your metal-hunting destinations and your hauls by reading up on the various metal grades and their respective worth.
If you’re serious about turning your scrap metal into cash, you should only sell it to reputable scrap buyers like SIMVIC London. We offer the highest price for your scrap metal and accept all varieties.


You may obtain a fair price for your scrap metal by selling it to reputable and reliable scrap metal buyers like Simvic London.
Choosing SIMVIC London is a wise choice because they are the experts at what they do and provide competitive rates.

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