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How to scrap your car?

Though we all wish the day would never, it is a sad inevitability that one day we’ll all have to say goodbye to our trusted cars. There comes a point when repairs simply get far too expensive, reaching beyond the car’s actual value, and unless your car is some kind of antique classic whose worth is in a league of its own, the only option left to you is to scrap it.

The process of scrapping (or recycling) a car is relatively straightforward, though the laws surrounding the process are fairly complex. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you report everything correctly, as otherwise you might be facing a fine.

There is also a chance that you’ll be able to salvage some scrap metal from your car in the process. Though chances depend on the state of your car and their prices vary depending on the current rates for the specific metals, you still stand to gain slightly from the whole procedures. A general rule of thumb, however, is to never sell your car to the first scrapper you reach – call a number of them and find out which of them has the best offer for you. But that’s just one tip! Here is a detailed guide on how you should handle scrapping your car to get the most out of it.

STEP 1: Research!

The Internet is the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve come to the point that there is virtually (ha!) no information that you won’t be able to find online. It’s best to start your scrapping endeavour by researching the specific ways you can go when scrapping your car. There’s a myriad of websites, offering things like donating your car to charity or gaining financially in a simple, hassle-free manner, as well as various agents that are partnered with EU manufacturers, who make sure that their vehicles are properly recycled.

STEP 2: Pick the right place to recycle!

According to EU legislation, 95% of scrap cars must be recycled, but it’s important to note that not all scrap yards have the licence to do that. The ones that do are called Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs), and they are the only areas in the UK where you can legally dispose of scrap cars. These facilities are properly equipped for handling hazardous elements such as oil and batteries. They’re the only place that can issue you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). Be very mindful of this, as recycling your car anywhere else is a punishable offence.

STEP 3: Notifying the DVLA!

Physically getting rid of your car alone isn’t enough to get it completely off your back! Unless you still want to be responsible for the road tax for a car that you no longer own or use, you should let the DVLA know that the vehicle is no longer your responsibility. Of course, this involves paperwork. You must fill out the V5C document that must be completed and exchanged for a CoD, which in turn is sent to the DVLA. The upside of this, aside from being free of the tax, is that you will receive a refund of any unused road tax. Your insurers might as well give you your return too, so it’s worth notifying them too.

STEP 4: Whatever you do, do NOT accept cash!

This may seem strange at first glance but, as part of the Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act of October 2013, it is illegal to exchange scrap cars for cash in England and Wales. So, if a dealer offers you cash in exchange for your scrap, that should be an immediate red flag for you. A proper dealership will also require you to show your ID and proof of address before taking your vehicle for scrap. So look out for those things.

STEP 5: Not everyone plays fair – be on the lookout!

The abundance of information on the Internet is a boon – we’ve already established that. But that also means it’s much easier for phonies to advertise themselves as the real deal. Be mindful of certain tells so that you can be sure that everything was handled in a legal manner. Always check if the wording is correct – perhaps someone is offering “destruction certificates” instead of CoDs? Maybe the rate for scrap is suspiciously high? It pays to be careful, so don’t let your guard down!

STEP 6: Be bold!

Many scrap yards will accept parts of cars, as they are often far more profitable than just buying a whole vehicle. But some yards may be a bit more particular with what they take in and not accept partially dismantled cars. So just stick to your goals and be on the lookout for scrapyards that give you the options you need – you’ll get there eventually!

STEP 7: Time to get paid!

Though prices for scrap are in a constant state of flux, and because of this scrapyards will offer you various rates for your wares, you can still check out online quotations to get a good feel of how much you’ll get. Take a look online now and get ready to get rewarded for your effort!

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