Scrap Metal Collection Surrey

We buy scrap metals across Surrey.We pay to prices for all types of scrap including:

Copper, Brass ,Aluminium, Lead, Bronze ,Stainless steel,Steel, etc

Scrap metal collection is a process of recycling scrap metal. This process is carried out by companies that specialize in the recycling of metals. They collect scrap metal and then sell it to companies that use it to produce new products.

The process of scrap metal collection starts with the company that specializes in this type of activity, which acquires the scrap metal from different sources. These sources may be construction sites, factories, or individual people who own a lot of old metallic objects, such as cars and motorcycles. The next step is to sort the collected material according to its type and quality; this is done by using an industrial magnet or a magnetic drum machine. The sorted materials are then transported to the company’s warehouse where they are stored until they are sold again for reuse or recycled into new products

To arrange collection call us at: 0776 363 04 04