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Simvic Ltd

Metal Collection

Do you think metal collection is a complicated process? Not with SimVic! We can quickly and safely take care of metal that you possess and want to get rid of. Even problematic waste is no big deal for us. You will be surprised how quick it can be done! And also- you pay only for what we collect. Price depends on the weight of the load. We take away the load and you never have to think of it again!

  1. Organise all your scrap metal into a comprehensive batch – the more orderly, the faster it’ll go!
  2. After you’ve gathered all your metal up neatly, it’s time to call your scrap removers – that’s us, SimVic!
  3. Prepare an ID card so that we can confirm your identity on-site.
  4. With our modern scales, we will provide a precise reading on the weight of your metal.
  5. After weighing the metal, we begin the collection. With cranes and other necessary devices, depending on your metal pile’s size, we can then put all the trash on our vehicle.
  6. Now that the metal is all loaded, it’s payment time – the pay depends on the weight of the load.
  7. We take away the trash and have it recycled, and you never have to think of it again!

Need someone to pick up your metal scrap but are worried about it costing too much? Worry no longer! Simvic offers free scrap collection! Don't worry about any formalities - we'll take care of your scrap at no cost at all!

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Simvic Ltd

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Simvic Ltd

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Most people use cars everyday – make sure yours gets disposed of in the correct manner with SimVic!


Simvic Ltd

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Our main goal is safe and ethical work, so we make sure our scrap yard follows all the necessary procedures.


Simvic Ltd

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