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Simvic Ltd

Metal Merchant for the Industry

For several years, we have been helping various companies get rid of any metal waste they have. Oftentimes, it’s a task that can be far too daunting to handle alone, especially when waste builds up over time and getting rid of it involves additional resources. If you are one of those companies in need of assistance – feel free to give us a call.

At SimVic, we know exactly how to handle various types of metal waste, including that ton of copper you have in your backyard and any other leftover tools and materials you may no longer need. We make sure to never cut any corners and make sure to handle everything with the utmost precision. You can be certain that, as a reliable company, we can take care of these things with the proper amount of care, paying close attention not only to your metal waste, but also the environment. We recycle all of our metal waste. After the purchase, we make sure to process all of our scrap metal and then sell it off to new users. This way, old scrap metal can be given new life, and the environment won’t become any more polluted because of it.

Need someone to pick up your metal scrap but are worried about it costing too much? Worry no longer! Simvic offers free scrap collection! Don't worry about any formalities - we'll take care of your scrap at no cost at all!

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Simvic Ltd

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Simvic Ltd

Scrap yard in London & Surrey

Our main goal is safe and ethical work, so we make sure our scrap yard follows all the necessary procedures.


Simvic Ltd

Metal Collection

SimVic is a company that can take care of any and all scrap metal that you have and want to dispose of.


Simvic Ltd

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